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How to Configure SmartFTP

Configuring a Connection

  1. Go to File and select New Connection.
  2. Enter the correct Host/Domain/IP address into the Host field. This could be the server name, the server IP, domain name, and in some cases For a Bluehost account, your domain will be fine so long as it is properly pointed towards the server.
  3. Enter the correct port number in the Port field. Port 21 is your default FTP port. If you would like to connect securely.
  4. Enter the file path to the location you would like to upload files to in the Path field (Example: public_html ).
  5. Login type will need to be set to Username and Password
  6. Username and Password will either be your cPanel username and password or the credentials for an FTP account which you have already created through the cpanel.
  7. Click OK
In the Add to Favorites section, clicking the Auto checkbox will save the connection and automatically connect to it next time you start SmartFTP.


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