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Create a new FTP account

Follow these steps:


Example: If I created the username "" and I wanted to create an FTP account for I would enter the following:

Then in my FTP client I would enter the following

Create a new FTP account

  1. Login to your cPanel

  2. Choose FTP Accounts

  3. Note: While the username will be created using your Main Domain, you may use any of your domain names instead.
    • Username:
    • Host:
    • Username:
  4. Enter a "Login": username

  5. Enter the Password as needed

  6. Choose the Directory you'd like them to have access to.

Note: If you enter "/", this will give full access to all the hosting files. The path for the primary domain is "/public_html/" , and"/public_html/addondomain/" for an Addon domain. To determine the proper directory for an Addon domain, please check your"Domain Manager" tab, at the top of your cPanel.


Connecting with an FTP Client

FTP clients normally require 4 entries to successfully connect and transfer files.


  1. Domain name or IP Address

  2. Username

  3. Password

  4. Port (Usually port 21)

Note: This information is given when setting up a new FTP account, the default user was created as you signed up and was emailed with your sign up email.


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