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Setting up Shipping Options

Before you can actually begin selling products online using your OpenCart shopping cart you’ll need to configure your shipping options. Shipping options allow you to decide which methods of shipping the website visitor can choose during the checkout process.

1-Login to OpenCart Dashboard

2-Go to Extensions > Shipping


3-Select your shipping method you wish to set up and click “Edit” in the right column

4-For this tutorial we’ll show you how to set up the “Flat Rate” option. Fill out the fields with the information you want


Cost: This is the cost of the flat rate shipping

Tax Class: This is how to apply taxes based on the type of product

Geo zone: This can be assigned to specific zones where flat rate shipping is available.

Status: This is where you can enable this specific shipping option

Sort Order: This is the order in which this shipping option will display

5-Click “Save” once you are finished filling in the fields.



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