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Creating an FTP Link

you will need to 'compile' the link for the user to connect to the FTP with. If you are using a third party FTP program such asFileZilla, Cyberduck, CoreFTP, etc., 
you can use a link similar to this and just copy it directly to the program. 
If you are providing an FTP link for someone to use within Windows Explorer (Network Places) as a 'drag and drop' FTP link or through Internet Explorer, the link structure would be as follows: 

Additional Notes:

  • The FTP account password can actually be left out of the URL. This will then prompt for a password when connecting and makes the URL more secure.

  • If this link is to be used for yourself and no one else, a good alternative would be Web Disk from inside the Files section ofcPanel, since it actually uses a secure port interface.

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